The team

Ast, Friedrich (✝)

From 1997 to 2015, physician at the Institute of Forensic Medicine of the Hannover Medical School, Oldenburg branch. 2016 to 2017 Head physician at ÄBD Norddeutsche Rechtsmedizin GmbH.

Benz, Marcel

FW mbA EA Violent Crime Life/Limb
Zurich Cantonal Police (CH)

Birkholz, Prof. Dr Michael

Consultant for forensic medicine. From 1994 to 2015 director of the Institute for Legal and Traffic Medicine in Bremen. Between 2008 and 2016 president of the Interdisciplinary Consultancy Forum for Forensic Medicine e.V. and since 2016 Honorary president thereof.

Daab, Harald

K10 PP South Hessen, Serious Crime/Cause of Death InvestigationInvestigation Division

Eick, Bernd

Police officer in criminal science

Francioni, Beat

Adj. mbA, EA Violent Crime - Life and Limb, Chief Serving Officer 
Zürich Canton Police (CH)

Mosimann, Janine

MLaw, Divisional Attorney C CID Zürich Cantonal Police (CH)

Naujocks, Tatjana

Forensic Service, Health Authority Groningen (NL)

Pfeiffer, Fritz

Bureau for Environmental Geology and Safety Research Marburg
Consultant for Explosives and Military Materiel Analysis,
Scientific Consultant for Advice on Military Materiel Disposal and USBV

Reichenbach, Dirk

Chief Commissioner Crime and Deputy Inspection Supervisor Central Criminal Science
of the Police Executive Committee Freiburg

Reick, Prof. Dr. Ing. Michael

Biberach University

Pagitsch, August

Chief Inspector
DVI-Team Austria, Salzburg State Police (A)

Schröder, Jörg

Chief State Attorney
Osnabrück Prosecution Service

Schwarz, Marcus

M.Sc. Forest Sciences
Forensic Entomologist

Expert in wound ballistics
Institute of Forensic Medicine at the University of Leipzig

Stahl, Christian

Chief Commissioner Crime Criminal Long Term Service Lübeck

Wochermayr, Karl Heinz

Lieutenant Colonel
DVI-Team Austria, State Police Salzburg (A)